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936 Market Street •  Fort Mill SC 29708  (803) 396-0493

Sienna & Mia

Sienna & Mia instructs the following:
  • Kids (age 7-10)
  • This is the ideal age for children to learn proper yoga techniques and inspire them to live life to their fullest expression. This class will teach children how to exercise their body with foundational yoga poses and relax their mind in a fun environment. By practicing various yoga poses and breathing techniques children’s flexibility will increase along with their balance, posture, strength and stamina. Furthermore children will develop awareness which will give them insight to a new perspective of themselves and those around them. Fostering emotional and spiritual growth is a key part of the class by learning how to balance emotions, relax and strengthen concentration. This class is also designed to build on their existing social skills by gaining self confidence, being more considerate of others while learning to work together as a whole.