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Inversions Everyday: The Benefits of Getting Upside Down

IMG_9492_copy Try it even if it scares you!

As a child, I took gymnastics and was fearless in trying new things.

Fast forward 30 years to having two children, and being in a completely different stage in my life - and somehow I can still do a headstand. I will never forget the first day I was able to put my head on the mat and kick one foot up in the air…maybe I wasn’t as old as I felt?

I used to thunder to the floor, flipping over again and again. Sure, it was embarrassing - but I just knew I could do it. I remember the elation and  perma-smile that lasted for many weeks when I started to hold my headstands. It didn’t matter what was happening in my life, I could handle it. If I could do a headstand at my age, I could do anything!
I believe in getting upside down everyday! Inversions are beneficial for everyone.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get upside down:

1. Face Your Fears: Inversions bring a child-like sense of joy once you start to catch some air. Bringing your hips over your shoulders can be scary at first, but once you start to let go and trust your body, you can bring that inner tapas (fire, root to burn) into all aspects of your life!

2. Increased Blood Flow and (Caffeine-Free) Energy: Throughout the day, it's highly beneficial to add inversions into your practice and cut back on other items that give you a kick. Before a large meeting, press up to handstand against the wall for 30 seconds instead of going for that second cup of coffee ;-)! Inversions give the inner spirit a different perspective to view life. Inversions are great all year long, but are extremely beneficial during the winter months when we are indoors more, and stagnant energy seems to be more of a challenge.

3. Gives Your Heart a Break: Inversions allow gravity to pull your tissues, fluid, and blood in your body downward, reversing blood flow and giving your heart a break. I like to finish class with an inversion before I take Savasana. 

4. Keeps You Focused: You have to stay focused to invert upside down. Practicing Dharana, or concentrating to connect with steadiness, empowerment, and one pointedness, will release you from distraction. Allowing you to remove the clouding of your mind and remain in the present moment will bring tranquillity to your practice.

5. Provides a New Perspective without EGO: Inversions take core strength, dedication, and perseverance. You will shed the layers of ego, and gain a new perspective of what your are capable of. You will also practice Ahimsa, or non-attachment. You will appreciate being in the present moment more than nailing the yoga pose or posting it on FB ;-).

However, if you are darn proud of yourself or you want to inspire others to join you in this awesome journey - I say share it and rise the vibrations! Together we rise! Don't be afraid to be judged for just shining your light!!! SHINE ON! ;-)

Be your true self and shine on!

Be Well,