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11:09 am

A resolve to practice yoga

I just wanted to share my thoughts on how/why oftentimes we make New Year’s Resolutions and “fall off the wagon” not long after.
For me, it’s a simple case of subjective versus objective.  New Year’s Resolutions are objects; things we create that are by nature, inanimate.  So when someone says, “My New Year’s Resolution is (xyz),” they may or may not carry out that resolution.  If for example, I say, “My New Year’s Resolution is to practice yoga three times a week,” its something that I may or may not do.  I have to decide whether or not to do it.
On the other hand, if I say, “I resolve to practice yoga today… I resolve to practice yoga three times a week… I resolve to practice chataranga push-ups this morning before I go to work,” I have spoken an action.  “I resolve to” is an action phrase.  I resolved on New Year’s Day to practice yoga three times a week, with the week beginning last Monday.  That is EXACTLY why I peel my butt off the sheets on Tuesday and Thursday at 5am.  That is exactly why now I committed to getting into bed before midnight on Monday and Wednesday, so that I am not be too tired to go to Sunrise Yoga.  When people makes themselves the subject of an action versus turning an action into an object, they actually DO what it is that they resolved to do.
To me, subjective case will always hold more power than objective case, because subject applies to action and objects, well they're just objects.  
Matt Talford, Author and Om Yoga Student