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Yoga Sutra 1.15 Vairagya: Learning to let go of the many attachments, aversions, fears, and false identities that are clouding the true Self.


 I’ve been thinking about letting go of things that take up space in my mind, my physical environment and drain my energy. I crave simplicity. The first thing I want to do is limit the overwhelming amount of information that enters my life on a daily basis. How much information can I really process and how many channels of communication do I need to maintain?  I can’t believe how much time I spend clearing my inbox, going through piles of junk mail, and (guilty!) scrolling down my fb newsfeed even though I only have 5 friends in real life. Do I need to check on a thousand people and see what they’re status is? Letting go of unsolicited information, done!  


The second thing that I wanted to let go of, is the belief that everything has to be done right now.  Believing that I am not good enough yet, but I will be soon… As soon as I get everything done!  Believing that I can’t stop and if I do, the world will come to an end. Believing that I have to solve everything right now. I spend a lot of energy being attached to the results of all my actions and feeling the pressure tha comes from setting unrealistic expectations. There was a time in my life where this drive and ambition served a purpose. It got me here, but it also created a big void on a personal level. Making me not want to do anything that wasn’t productive and I lost interest  in things that weren’t professionally conducive. Going out and having fun? “Ain’t noboby got time for that. “ I have work to do!


“The only pressure I’m under is the pressure I’ve put on myself.” -Mark Messier


I will never stop, because I love what I do every single day. There will always be a project, an interesting opportunity, an adventure, and a pile of junk mail … being challenged really feeds my soul.  I am learning that there is a natural pace for growth and development; it doesn’t need to be rushed and not everything is going to happen right now. There is no need to live searching and striving for more, constantly on survival mode and forgetting what your purpose is within each moment.  


Last thing I need to let go of is the Nutella. Oh lawd. It’s evil!




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Wed, December 13, 2017 1:00 pm
In my opinion when the pain of holding become dominated over the pain of letting go then you should let go of the things. And then again the resume writing services review also states that letting go of something and running away from something are both entirely different things.