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Class Descriptions


This very relaxing class is perfect for all levels and is beginner friendly! In Deep Stretch you will find stillness in poses that can be supported with props to stretch both muscles and ligaments- increasing your flexibility and range of motion. These Restorative yoga poses will calm the mind, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. You will leave class with a peaceful attitude and limber muscles.
This is the perfect class for students new to yoga. You can use this class as a springboard to our more active power yoga classes or stay with this style if you prefer a more gentle approach to yoga. In this class you will improve your overall mobility and build strength as you move through simple transitions. This class is for everyone and specifically catered to beginners, students of all ages and sizes with limitations that might limit their ability to participate in high intensity/weight bearing exercise and active seniors. 

Energize your body and soul with this invigorating $9 power class, all levels welcome! Class is heated to 78 degrees. You will flow through basic and advanced poses, given modifications if you are a beginner. This well balanced class will increase your heart rate, improve your balance + flexibility, and strengthen your core!

An intermediate flow of poses designed to detoxify the body with a heat building series and emphasis on twists and forward folds. It's hot, be prepared to sweat! 
This class teaches children how to exercise their body with foundational yoga poses and relax their mind in a fun environment. By practicing various yoga poses and breathing techniques children’s flexibility will increase along with their balance, posture, strength and stamina. This class is also designed to build on their existing social skills by gaining self confidence, being more considerate of others while learning to work together as a whole.
This is a fun, heat building, invigorating yoga practice for intermediate and advanced students! You will be encouraged to explore inversions, arm balances, and play with the boundaries of your current limitations. Temperature: 80 degrees. 
Intermediate flow, combining basic and advanced poses and offering modifications. This is a well balanced class and great way to increase your heart rate, expand lung capacity, improve balance, strengthen core muscles and increase flexibility.
Intermediate flow, combining basic and advanced poses and offering modifications. This is a well balanced class and great way to increase your heart rate, expand lung capacity, improve balance, strengthen core muscles and increase flexibility.
Congratulations! If you are taking this class, you are either expecting or you have a new baby! This is a lovely way to connect with your growing belly (or baby), prepare yourself for labor, recover from childbirth, and bond with other new mamas. The gentle flow is designed to help you improve circulation, ease digestion, boost energy, relieve muscle tension, maintain a healthy spine, and strengthen your core, uterine, and pelvic muscles. You will find ease, relaxation, and cultivate more energy during a time that can feel chaotic and overwhelming. We encourage new moms to bring babies to class, as long as they not crawling. Our instructor can show you how to safely wear your baby while practicing, or just incorporate his/her presence into your practice.
Come join Allyson on Wednesday, November 11th at 6PM as we Blast Off, “Rocket Vinyasa” Style into this Holiday Season. This Rocket Vinyasa practice will clear your mind, connect you with your breath, as well as energize your heart, soul and body preparing you for this busy time of year.

It is important we “gift” time to ourselves so that we can better connect and “give” to others. What better way than spending time practicing on your mat on Thanksgiving Eve?

If you have not had an opportunity to take a Rocket class yet, please come and try it out. Rocket Vinyasa, created by Larry Schultz, is an intelligently designed set sequence of postures based on modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary and Intermediate series. Although it is a set sequence, it allows for lots of opportunities for optional asanas making it versatile, upbeat and playful as well as accessible to all levels through modifications. The Rocket sequences are full of forward folds, back bending, spinal twisting hip openers, core strengthening, inversions, and arm balances which create a well balanced and uplifting, feel -good experience that opens the body and clears the mind. This practice wakes up the nervous system and renews energy and vitality.

This is an intermediate class that will give you lots of  opportunities to experiment with core building arm balances and inversions, allowing you to be playful as you gain strength and flexibility! Created by Larry Schultz, Rocket yoga is a series of postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. 
Our slow flow classes are especially good for beginners! Some say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You will be guided through a gentle flow of foundational yoga postures to help you build strength and increase flexibility. Our teachers will give plenty of modifications s and encourage the use of props to support the practice and those who have tight muscles and limited mobility. You will learn the principles of alignment, breath and movement -- while enjoying the peace and tranquilly that yoga brings!