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What is prenatal yoga?
In prenatal yoga classes, we provide a supportive environment for women to practice yoga postures and breathwork specifically designed to create space for the baby and ease and manage discomforts associated with pregnancy.

How can yoga benefit my pregnancy?
Prenatal yoga offers many benefits to expecting mothers and their new babies. Practicing yoga during pregnancy has been proven to help prepare the body for childbirth; there are also a number of emotional and spiritual benefits. Physically, prenatal yoga strengthens the muscles used in childbirth, enhances flexibility, increases circulation, reduces lower back discomfort and swelling around sensitive joints, alleviates nausea, and other common pregnancy discomforts. Spiritually, the intentional breathing, meditation, and inward reflection of yoga provides a deeper sense of awareness of oneself during pregnancy and nourishes the mind and soul. It also aids in preparation to welcome a new baby into the world.

Should I practice prenatal yoga?

Prenatal classes are highly recommended for women in all stages of pregnancy. After birth, with your doctor's consent, you should be ready to resume gentle yoga exercises to restore body tone, strength, and flexibility. We recommend starting with our Yoga Basics and Slow Flow classes.

Can I still take non-prenatal yoga classes?
Expecting mothers with a regular yoga practice prior to pregnancy can continue practicing. Inform the instructor that you are expecting and any concerns/information you would like to share. The instructor can provide specific modifications as needed.

When are classes held?
Sunday at 1:45pm-3pm

What should I bring to class?
Bring your yoga mat and water. A small blanket and/or pillow are optional. We have blocks and straps at the studio; we also rent mats and sell water!