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936 Market Street •  Fort Mill SC 29708  (803) 396-0493

" Huge shout out to my omies at Om Yoga Studio! They have made me feel so at home since moving and joining the studio. I walked into class today expecting to attend my normal class but was greeted with a birthday card and this sick new top! I love how welcoming the studio and staff is. They really know how to give you what you need every class. The studio is super clean and the teachers are always willing to help with any questions after class. I’m very happy I found Om!" 


- Jasmine K. 

Some people shy away from yoga studios because they think they will feel out of place. I have always felt welcomed at OM Yoga. The instructors are very knowledgeable and personable. They encourage you to enjoy the moment, challenge your boundaries, listen to your body, listen to your heart, and breathe. The hot vinyasa classes are my favorite! The temperature is perfect: hot. The cold lavender-scented cloths are such a treat during savasana. The studio is very clean and the location is great. There is a shower available which is important for travelers or people like me who need to run errands after class!


-Janice G. 

I have taken private yoga classes with Maria, and they are wonderful. I suffer from a bad lower back from 30 years in the military, and taking classes at Om has helped me tremendously. Everything about OM Yoga is top notch, from the instructors, to the facilities, and even the mood-setting music they play - it all results in a really fun and relaxing yoga session. I highly recommend OM Yoga for both private and group sessions.


Jim Aranyi

Om Yoga studio is exactly what I love to walk into when I practice. Maria, the owner, and all of the teachers and staff at Om Yoga, are full of positive energy. The studio is incredibly clean, simple, and bright with all the amenities and more. I have been practicing for over 10 years now and recently moved to NC/SC from California. I thought it would be hard to find a place to match up to my home studio, but I was wrong. Om Yoga is absolutely wonderful for beginners and those who have been practicing for a while. There is always a good challenging class, but you can make that same class custom to what you are feeling - that's yoga for ya! There is not a competitive vibe there at all - just people who are there to practice their practice and learn. I highly recommend it! 


Lauren McCann

No matter how fit you are, I have no doubt many of the classes will really challenge you! It’s a tough and very efficient workout – you get cardio, strength, and flexibility training all at the same time. The best part is the benefits yoga brings outside of the studio – you’ll find yourself taking the wisdom of yoga out of the studio and into your daily life. Less stress, less reacting to life’s little irritations, more confidence, peace, and calmness are all benefits I attribute to my yoga practice. Om Yoga is awesome!


Brian Phillips

I had my first baby at the age of 40, and I am now pushing 48. I am not an athlete. I was never picked for teams at school, and did not make cheerleading. For my whole life, exercise was always about not being fat and the scale was the only measurement that mattered. Treadmill and weights - fast and get it over with. That's why I tried yoga too, and why I went at first. Everything has changed now. These teachers have taught me how to move, breathe, and really connect with my body. I had no idea I could feel this good! Like anything, you get better as you go, but it's really not about the scale anymore. I feel STRONG. I feel PRESENT. And I feel GRATEFUL. So now I'm stronger than I've ever been, and even thinner than I was before the baby - but that's just a side effect! I want to keep discovering what else I am capable of. Thank you Maria and everyone at OM!


Linda Knight 

I started my yoga experience years ago when my stress levels began increasing from starting my own business. I wanted an exercise routine that would give me a great workout, as well as some inner peace. I had enjoyed running, but my knees didn’t. I remember noticing people coming out of yoga class who were fit, confident, and smiling, and thought to myself, “that’s what I want.” As a guy, I must admit, I was somewhat intimidated when I started, being surrounded by mostly women who were much more agile and fit than myself. But I have come to learn that yoga is what I make of it, not anybody else. And happily, I found some other guys who also enjoy some ‘bro-ga.’ Not to mention - the endorphin rush is fantastic!


Paul Burt O.D.
Palmetto Eye Care Associates 

From the minute I walked into OM Yoga, I knew I had found the right place! I was looking for a yoga studio that had great classes with highly qualified instructors. During class the teacher took the time to gently correct me into the right alignment in the poses. Not only was the studio immaculately kept, but the best part was the lovely aromatherapy cold towel given to me to put over my eyes while was I doing my relaxation pose (Savasana). After my first class, I felt amazing. This yoga studio is definitely a cut above all the other studios that are out there – a well-kept secret.


Andrea Schewitz

There is so much to say about Om Yoga in Baxter Village. Everyone at Om Yoga is so warm and welcoming, and the studio itself is very comfortable. I always leave feeling renewed, strong, and peaceful. One of the most important aspects that sets Om Yoga apart is the true spirit of yoga that you feel once you step inside. I never feel judged and I am always encouraged to do my best. There is a feeling of love in the studio that makes it a beautiful and peaceful place to practice yoga.


Betty Prior

I am  fairly new to the practice of Yoga but not so new to life and recognizing a business that has the gift of ensuring everyone has a place to feel 100% proud of who they are in their mind and their body. The respect and care for their students and each other as a team is outstanding! We practice asana, pranayama and meditadion in a large humble classroom, providing enough charm to look lovely but not so much that it takes from the master artist...the person practicing. I love not having a mirror in class! Maria has truly created a haven in Baxter Village. For the more experienced practitioner Maria's Power classes are just that, powerful! She has a special way of gently yet very effectively guiding one through a challenging practice. Thanks so much for providing a beautiful space for peace in a hectic world! See ya again and again and again,


Lisa Marie