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Experience Om Yoga and be encouraged to deepen the awareness of the body, mind and spirit bringing forth your highest qualities. Be Inspired to live daily in a way that promotes peace, mindfulness, humility and growth.
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How to Reduce Weight Through Yoga

[author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image] [author_info]Content goes here[/author_info] [/author] Yoga is often portrayed as being passive and a form of mild stretching, but in reality yoga is an energy-exerting full-body workout. The challenging poses and vigorous sequences in a vinyasa, ashtanga, power or iyengar yoga offer a comprehensive workout, which builds strength while also helping you to increase your endurance. Additionally, yoga can help you to build lean muscle mass evenly, which in turn can help to increase your metabolism and help you burn fat and calories. Step 1 Burn calories while practicing yoga. A 90-minute dynamic yoga class can burn more than 500 calories, depending on your height and weight, according to Harvard Health Publications. 3,500 calories equals 1 lb. of body weight, so you can lose 1lb. a week with a daily yoga practice. Step 2 Increase your muscle mass with a yoga practice, according to a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise and conducted by the University of Wisconsin's Human Performance Laboratory. Researchers found that a regular yoga practice can help to build muscle in practitioners, due to the need for strength to execute standing and core poses, arm balances and inversions. Step 3 Decrease your water weight with a vigorous yoga practice. Several forms of yoga, such as hot yoga or vinyasa flow, practice in a studio that is heated to approximately 85 degrees. The hot temperatures combined with the active movements for 60 to 90 minutes will make you sweat, and the result can be a releasing of water weight. Step 4 Reduce your cortisol levels with yoga. Your body's fight-or-flight response to stress is to release the hormone cortisol. In turn, cortisol can raise your blood sugar levels, which causes your body to release insulin. The insulin sends a signal to your body and causes food to be stored as fat. A regular yoga practice helps to relieve stress and thus reduce your cortisol levels and the chain of events that follow. Step 5 Learn how to face challenges, which in turn can help you pursue your weight loss goal. Through tackling the tricky poses on your yoga mat, you can learn how to face challenges while in your everyday life. Weight loss is intimidating for many people and yoga can help you to gain the confidence to tackle a diet and fitness plan. Article by Beth Rifkin